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My name is Maricarmen Pizano, I was born in Mexico City but now make my home in Chicagoland.

I studied Architecture in the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Art at The Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts and after that my formation has been self taught. My inspiration is my life. Every event, every memory and every single feeling I experience contributes to my work.


“I create my paintings and illustrations using the language of color and line, putting emphasis on the small detail in order to leave a feeling which speaks to my concept. I create textures that inspire to tell a story in poetic form, and call attention from the soul of the viewer.

Looking back at my work I think of Art as a “universal language” that speaks of things that are difficult or simply inexpressible in words. Art not only touches the hearts of everyone, but reflects our shared humanity. This view of Art is the approach I take in the creation of my works. Most of my artwork reflects my journeys through life and the environment in which I live in. Currently my work is a reflection of my emotions.

When I paint I tell stories. Every detail and stroke of my brush are equally important to express what I am trying to say. I paint with pain, wonder, love, compassion and honesty to my feelings and thoughts. The "game" between viewer and painting is fascinating to me. I like the way the spectator can tell their own individual story on a particular canvas. When this happens, when my art work makes others feel in some way, is when I believe that my mission as an artist is complete."

Maricarmen Pizano

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